Hey there beautiful wild hearted being!
are you sensitive or neurodivergent?
Do you feel different, like sometimes the world isn’t really made for you?
do you care deeply?
About people, nature, creative expression, the future of the world?
do you have a spiritual awareness?
Have you always experienced different states of awareness, energy, intuitions, synchronicities...
do you feel overwhelmed, lost or stuck?
Do you struggle to live `normally’ and feel disordered or very overwhelmed at times with life and the state of the world.
do you ever feel alone in your experience?
and does this experience affect your purpose in life or career?
✨❤️ welcome ❤️✨
I want you to feel safe to be who you are 😊
Because the world needs the gifts of your wild heart, it really does!​

Please enjoy the guidance, advice and inspiration here to help you free this wild heart of yours

I’m Sally Carmichael
experienced spiritual guide and facilitator

Shall we get started?

about sally

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I’m Sally Carmichael, trans AF, wild hearted, sensitive, autistic AF woman!

I’ve worked deeply for the last 5 years to free myself and nourish my soul deeply, after years of feeling lost, burned out and like I don’t belong in this world.

I’m thrilled to help you do the same!

I have a lifetime of practice, experience, intuition, ideas and encouragement ready for you.

Also sometimes I'm a ✨✨unicorn✨✨ 😁🤣

I stand with one foot in the spiritual and one foot in the physical

Transgender, Non-binary, Two-Spirit, Hijra, Māhū, Manang Bali….  we’ve stood in the role of spiritual guides, shamans and spiritually important figures all through time, throughout the world.

I am proud to serve in this tradition. 

I want to hold a very strong feeling of safety for you so you can be you completely.

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These words came out one day for a dear friend who was travelling through some rough waters. I hope it helped a little. I've been going through rough waters too, and when I read it this morning, it spoke back to me.
The truth is, as wild hearted (neurodivergent, sensitive) beings who care deeply for people, nature, creative expression, `the world’…. we feel A LOT. Sometimes that feeling can be overwhelming.
I dedicate this space and this business to you. I am ferocious in my care for my wild hearted people. Ferocious in my desire for them to be seen, felt, heard...

A 60 day healing, awakening, integrating and transformational space designed specifically for people like you, to initiate the spiritual transformation you seek.

Small group Winter program running in June 2024

enquire with Sally.