‟I have ADHD & use self Reiki to help me calm down when I’m mentally overwhelmed - I can then see things clearly.”
‟ As a HSP I find it gives me a sort of a recharge. It gives me space yes, but it’s like a hug you never knew you needed.”
‟Coming to terms with my ADD lately. Reiki meditation centers me, calms my racing thoughts and helps me focus.”
‟I'm neurodiverse too and find having a dedicated personal self-Reiki practice incredibly important in helping my brain to slow down processing, so that I can focus.”
‟I use Reiki at night when I can’t stop the internal dialogue.”
‟Reiki is my go-to happy place, my number one tool in my selfcare toolbox. It can be difficult to articulate just how important Reiki is for me.”
‟Reiki helps me to move through my feelings & be comfortable expressing them in a healthy way.”
‟Reiki helps me to move through my feelings & be comfortable with expressing them in a healthy way.”

Japanese Reiki for wild hearted
sensitive, neurodivergent people

Are you excited or curious about Reiki and what it could do for you? 

You should be. Over 20 years ago I walked down the path to Reiki and it has forever changed my life for the better. If I could change anything I would have focused on deepening my training sooner. 

Will you come down the path too and discover this profound healing for yourself? 

how my reiki practice helps me

As a neurodivergent, sensitive person, my Reiki practice helps me remain grounded in my body, regulate and stabilise my inner world. It puts my sensitivity in context and it enables it to be an asset rather than a liability. Through this practice I find the strength to unmask and bring out my true self more and more.

The impact of this practice ripples out to my relationships, social encounters and with other animals and all nature.

what is the practice of reiki in a nutshell

The practice of Reiki, derived from a mix of Japanese tantric Buddhism and Shinto mountain astheticism, is a spiritual practice of achieving enlightenment in this lifetime. The practice, as best understood (because the originator didn’t write a lot down), combines 5 different meditation elements to help uncover one’s true spiritual nature

Non-practioners can experience Te-ate てあて or laying on of hands and Enkaku えんかく `remote’ Reiki in the careful guidance of the practitioner.

how a reiki session assists with emotional regulation

During a Reiki session, the recipient enters a deeply calm and energetic healing state. The is a profound shift from our normal state, even of our normal relaxed state. In this state the healing power of our mind is at play, gently and effortlessly taking us through our difficult and uncomfortable feelings. 

We start to come into the body more, and by doing this we are increasing our interoception (our inner sense of our body’s workings) in a gentle way. This interoception plays a vital role in our emotional and physical health.

A Reiki session can guide us to get to the root of our emotional difficulty. The inner atmosphere of peace that it generates for us can last for days or weeks, like a glow helping us roll with what is coming up, again supporting our emotional regulation.

what is reiki

“The energy of mindfulness is a real energy, and whenever energy is applied there is a change.”
— Thich Nhat Hanh

Your body, mind and heart has such great potential to heal itself if we but allow it. The power of the mind to heal the body is as great as its ability to cause disease.

Have you ever walked into a forest, place of worship, beach, gallery or other place, and felt a strange and profound sense of stillness and awe difficult to put into words or explain? 

Have you ever looked into your loved one or pets eyes and felt such a profound sense of connection, almost beyond the concept of time?

These are experiences of Reiki. In China Reiki is called Ling, this is the highest vibrational energy that we all have innately. This energy can create subtle and powerful shifts in our life. It can create healing.

When we practice the system of Reiki, we learn to manifest this energy each day to benefit our lives and our relationship with those around us.