A source of joy

These words came out one day for a dear friend who was travelling through some rough waters. I hope it helped a little. I’ve been going through rough waters too, and when I read it this morning, it spoke back to me. Like this we can send the love that we have through time to ourselves and receive it too. If it helps you too in a little way, then the joy is multiplied. The Buddha feeds many mouths at once, is a phrase that popped into mind recently. One phenomena in the world can serve many uses at once. That is a great beauty of this human experience to witness.

A Source of Joy

Walking down to the stream
The old steps have come loose
The mud is treacherous at times
The path impossible
So sitting on the steps
I breath in the surrounds
Hold myself in my knowing
That I like all beings
Having the great source of love
Have touched people gently
Without knowing it
With words and kindness
My presence alone
My choice of phrase
My raw self
My eddies and ripples
Have extended far from the waters of my heart
And in this I am the great love
A source of joy
If I only I could reach the reflection of the stream
To see

~ Sally Carmichael