caught up in our own great big hug

The truth is, as wild hearted (neurodivergent, sensitive) beings who care deeply for people, nature, creative expression, `the world’…. we feel A LOT. Sometimes that feeling can be overwhelming.

By prioritising meditation each day in a way that suits our brain, this almost continual state of overwhelm and anxiety is switched off. The overwhelm might not ever go away completely, but it can become greatly reduced.

In its place grows the great inner strength that flows from our own well.

That meditation practice, however it looks, is likely going to be hard to begin with. This is because we’re accustomed to desensitising and disconnecting.

What comes though is a time and place when the buzzing harmony of our whole being welcomes home the fragments of ourselves to the blazing fire of our daily practice.

We are caught up in our own great big hug.