Dear Fellow Wild Hearted Human

I dedicate this space and this business to you. I am ferocious in my care for my wild hearted people. Ferocious in my desire for them to be seen, felt, heard. For all their weirdness to dance its dance and be ok, maybe more than ok, maybe wonderful and important for reasons we cannot yet know.

I am ferocious in my compassion because the struggle in myself to find my truth has been quite a journey. All our journey’s are and you, if you are here, perhaps have some deep journeying to do. It is perhaps time for you.

Will we journey together? Let’s find out.

Why are we here together now? Why to dwell on the subject of spiritual practice. Let me gift you with this from Clarissa Pinkola Estés:

“People do meditation to find psychic alignment. That’s why people do psychotherapy and analysis. That’s why people analyze their dreams and make art. That is why some contemplate tarot cards, cast I Ching, dance, drum, make theater, pry out the poem, and fire up their prayers. That’s why we do all the things we do. It is the work of gathering all the bones together. Then we must sit at the fire and think about which song we will use to sing over the bones, which creation hymn, which re-creation hymn. And the truths we tell will make the song.”

Clarissa Pinkola Estés – Women Who Run With the Wolves

We are here now to do spiritual practice. Through spiritual practice, we find who we are.

Through spiritual practice, whatever form that needs to take for us, we arrive.

Sally Carmichael 2024